Our Mission

Vitals Update is a tool created by ITX Corp. that lets healthcare professionals safely monitor patients’ coronavirus signs and symptoms. Our mission at Vitals Update is to aid in the fight to save the lives of coronavirus patients and protect the medical personnel who risk their lives to care for them. That's why we're making the Vitals Update tool available completely free to the thousands of hospitals and healthcare facilities working to help curb COVID-19.

Patients need direct communication with their providers that’s easy to use and right at their fingertips. The heroes putting their lives at risk caring for COVID patients across all hospitals and other care facilities are overwhelmed. Vitals Update is the safe and mobile-friendly solution, designed to help patients stay in touch with their care providers through at-home symptom monitoring, limiting the healthcare provider’s exposure to the virus.

ITX creates custom software products. When coronavirus first began its spread, we knew our most valuable contribution to the cause was a software solution. We worked closely with Oklahoma State University to develop Vitals Update. While the tool was under construction, our partners at Amazon added support in the form of an in-kind grant from its AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative (DDI).

ITX’s values include integrity, innovation, and thriving together. Our corporate goal is to move, touch, and inspire the world. As part of this mission, the company is proud to offer Vitals Update to healthcare facilities free of charge. Today, Vitals Update is enabling safe, secure, lifesaving communication among hospitals, healthcare facilities, care center networks, and their patients.

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