Monitor potential COVID-19 cases in real time.

A tool for healthcare providers that enables patients to record their own symptoms from home for tracking and follow-up

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Simple & HIPAA Compliant

No more collecting patient status data via email, phone, or messaging.

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Automatically transfer patient data directly into your Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

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Reduce the risk of human error inherent in this data entry process.

How it works

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Aggregate symptom information for monitoring Persons Under Investigation (PUIs).

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View up-to-the-hour patient data in a simple, intuitive monitoring view.

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Enable healthcare workers to flag probable escalations and bring them in for care.

Safely and accurately monitor patients by capturing their vitals through a mobile friendly platform.

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Reduce the demand on personal protective equipment (PPE)

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Avoid caregiver contact with potentially positive patients

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Adapt to emerging needs as best practices are confirmed

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Vitals Update is HIPAA compliant, and can be quickly integrated with your EHR system

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